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Ivana Di Salvo CV

was born in Sicily where she started her training with Teatro Zeta    at Officina Santalucia, directed by P. Macaluso (inspired by A. Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty). Then she studied with M. Assmuth (Civica Scuola Paolo Grassi in Milan), Gianluigi Gherzi and the équipe of Teatro degli Incontri, Danio Manfredini, Vincenzo Del Prete, A. Scommegna, S. Zoccolan, M. Dioume, A. De Santis,A. C. Nicoli, Yvon Nana Kouala and Daria Deflorian. She played in Cosa pensano i piedi written by R. Palazzolo and directed by A. Pandolfo, Macbeth directed by P. Macaluso, Umor directed by A. Pandolfo, Amleto e il suo doppio directed by P. Macaluso, La Vucciria directed by V. Tripodo. From 2015 she joined Teatro degli Incontri under the direction of G. Gherzi, playing into Occhio non vede – visioni dalla città nascosta. In June-July 2017 she participated to the Swiss tournée of Courbeaux by B. Ouziguen. She is also very interested in writing, she studied movie script writing at Scuola Holden (Torino) in 2017.

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Kame - Tassos Tataroglou website

‘‘I was born in 1985 somewhere on earth between blood and flowers. I have learnt from the good, the bad and the ugly. I love literature and painting. I explore the sound of my trumpet’’, the Microtone – Duplex, designed by himself and realized by Gerd Friedel between 15.12.2016 and 08.02.2017 in the workshop of Egger in Basel. The instrument combines different elements of the trumpet construction through the history: three microtonal keys (1/3 of tone, semitone and 3/4 of a tone) are placed on the main bell of the instrument, the main tuning slide can be used as a “trombone” slide and can perform a glissando of a semitone through an additional mechanism, a second bell, which enables the production of two sounds at the same time, is adapted parallel to the main bell. Tassos is also part of Incounterpoint vol.1, an audoio-visual improvisation duo, with Kostas Tataroglou.







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completed her training as a musical performer at the Swiss Musical Academy in Bern. Various engagements as an actress and dancer followed in Switzerland (Theater Fauteuil, Art Basel, Tanzfest Basel, Roxy Basel among others), in Germany and a six-month period of further education in New York. Her own creations include cabaret song recital, dance videos and various dance-theater pieces with her own company RAMER & FRÜH.

Dominique Lüdi grew up in Basel. She studied drama at the Zurich University of the Arts (then HMT).After graduation she played at many different theaters in Germany and Switzerland, including at the Theater Bremen and at the Zürcher Schauspielhaus. She is active in the independent scene at various venues. She has lived in Basel for ten years, works a lot as a speaker and stages plays with young people at Basel schools. She co-founded the Bueseke-luedi production, also directing there, and she has a family with three children.


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